Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girlyman play like girly men

The trio of Girlyman put on a show for a packed Iron Horse Friday evening, but it was a real snoozer. If you don't know anything about the band, they are less talented version of Nickel Creek. Girlyman had all the tools in the box to create some commendable harmonies they have recorded on previous albums, but Nate's flat notes were a hinderance to the performance.

Girlyman didn't have any opening acts - this was most likely due to the fact that they enjoyed their stage time far too much. The band told lame jokes about their lives as recording artists. Ty, the percussionist in Girlyman asked the crowd, "Has anybody here ever recorded an album?...I suggest you try it." It was just annoying to listen to them ramble about their lives as musicians.

The band tested out some new material - one of the new songs they played was "Easy Bake Oven." It sounded like everything else they played. They brought a good collection of strings with them, but I didn't stay long enough to hear them play them.

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Whitney said...

Just the fact that you use "girly men" unironically tells me that you're a misogynist, since the basis of your comment assumes that more feminine men and/or women play guitar badly. Can you come up with something more constructive to say about their music? Probably not, because you're an idiot.

Girlyman is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) band, because of their introspective, interesting lyrics and gorgeous harmonies. They're also very experimental and independent, which I appreciate. Their banter on stage is what makes their shows addictive, since it gives their fans a window into their minds, and includes everyone in an experience together, laughing, thinking, and clapping/singing.

If you want to hear some macho guy play a guitar and scream without interruption, just go to any show in a major stadium, and leave the folk to those of us who appreciate it. Heckling bands and leaving early make for bad feelings of the performers and the people at the show who might enjoy the music.